Timetable for Admission to LEAP Market


Opening of application Not Applicable
Closing of application Not Applicable
Balloting of application Not Applicable
Allotment of shares Not Applicable
Tentative listing date 08 Oct 2019

Remarks :
Unless otherwise stated, the definitions used in this announcement shall carry the same meaning as those defined in the Information Memorandum dated 6 September 2019 issued by IDB Technologies Berhad.

IDB Technologies' listing of and quotation for its entire share capital of 500,000,000 ordinary shares on the LEAP Market of Bursa Securities is via listing by way of introduction and does not entail any fund-raising exercise. As such, the opening, closing, balloting dates of application and allotment of IPO shares to successful applicants are not applicable. 

This timetable is tentative and is subject to changes which may be necessary to facilitate implementation procedures.

Announcement Info

Stock Name IDBTECH
Date Announced 01 Oct 2019
Category Timetable for Admission to LEAP Market
Reference Number IO1-30092019-00001